12/12/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. As we saw during the main news, the first spell of wild


weather this week is definitely upon us, but it won't be the last.


More stormy weather to come, heavy rain and strong wind, particularly


at the end of the week. Let's deal with tonight first of all, because


a big swirl of cloud providing rain right across the country and its


accompanied by strong gusty wind. Probably at their liveliest on the


south coast, 60 mph. Maybe more around the coast on the south-east


of England. Turning trier overnight but also colder with showers coming


in which turns to snow in western Scotland in Northern Ireland and


northern England, as temperatures drop to three degrees. Tuesday, a


windy day. The rain lingers in the south-east. Sunshine following


behind but also following a whole raft of showers turn increasingly


wintery particularly in western Scotland, Northern Ireland and


parts of northern England but even in the south, there could be a bit


of sleet and snow over the hills. Certainly across the Midlands, and


Wales. There could be sleet and snow mixed into their showers and a


covering across the Pennines by the end of the day. Over the hills and


mountains of northern Ireland and western Scotland, there will be


snow. Even at low levels, they could be covering by the end of the


day. The biggest cause of concern, though, a strengthening wind. The


blustery days, but in the evening, the wind whips up with 70 miles an


hour in Northern Ireland and Scotland transferring to northern


England, accompanied by wintery weather. During Wednesday, very


windy, not quite as strong. Another day of sunny spells and showers,


wintery on the hills, and wet weather in the south-west later in


the day. That is from this rather feeble looking weather front but


following on behind, another storm, and this one could be vicious. A


deeper period of low pressure. We are very confident those isobars


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