22/12/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It will be a windy Christmas period and a particularly


mild Christmas Day. In some parts of country, temperatures will be at


about 20 degrees higher than they were last year. Before we get there,


over the next 24 hours it will turn colder, and for most of us, there


will be rain. That is quite heavy as it pushes south from Scotland,


eventually trickling into western fringes of England and Wales into


the morning. Quite mild and cloudy, with temperatures in double digits.


But further north, the colder air arrives and both will move


southwards during Friday. We will have a wet morning during -- over


England and much of Wales. It was bred and East Anglia and the south-


east. It does look like being quite a wet evening across the south-west


corner as well. For Scotland and Northern Ireland, a brighter day


with some sunshine. To the north of Northern Ireland and Scotland, we


could have some sunshine, and feeling much colder, just five, six


degrees in some places. Other parts should turn drier and brighter and


all brighten up in the south-west. East Anglia and the south-west --


the south-east do turn wetter. As we go through the evening, the rain


should move away and then temperatures fall through the


evening, so that Christmas Eve morning may well start with a touch


of frost. A chilly feel through the day. It will Club opera in the West,


without bricks of rain, particularly over Northern Ireland


and Scotland. -- it will cloud over in the West, with outbreaks of rain.


The milder air will then drift in from the Atlantic, helped by a


strong south-westerly wind. Quite a windy in western areas with the


risk of gales. More wet weather to come as well. A cloudy Bay on


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