23/12/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. If you are still dreaming of a white Christmas, I am


afraid the closest I can offer you is a touch of frost tomorrow


morning. Otherwise a mild prospect for the Christmas weekend. We are


in between two weather systems, one which brought wet weather earlier


in the day and will bring more cloud tomorrow. Under those clear


skies, temperatures have been falling away. Temperatures will get


close to freezing with maybe a few slippery patches. It does turn wet


across the West of Scotland eventually, a sign of things to


come. Lows of one, two or three agrees and things could get milder


tomorrow through the day. -- three degrees. It is rain which is the


name of the game across much of Western Scotland. Patchy rain for


much of Scotland but it turns drier and brighter for the rest of the UK


over Christmas Eve. A bit drab and damp for the last of the shopping.


We will see a lot of rain over this area and always to the east, we


have a rain shadow effect, so staying dry, whereas to the west of


the Pennines and the Cumbrian Fells, a fair bit of rain eventually. Some


patchy rain turning up over Wales and the same can be said of parts


of south-west England. Some dampness up over the moors.


Increasing wind as well. Further east, somewhat drier with a fair


bit of cloud pushing in, with possibly the odd spot of rain.


Getting chilly in that breeze, but the story is that it will be a mild


Christmas Day, a pretty windy one as well, and in fact, severe gales


in the most exposed parts of the North, and that will push the rain


back northwards and I am afraid it is Western Scotland which will


suffer the most. Further south, possibly up to 14 in southern parts


of Scotland. And what they contrast to last year! You cannot fail to


remember how cold it was. Some places did not get above freezing


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