26/12/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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It has been another unusually mild and for some, windy day of weather.


For the time being, the strong winds are continuing to ease down


through tonight. We still have rain left over from a weather front


meanderings southwards, producing heavy rain across Scotland,


affecting Northern Ireland for much of the night, working its way to


northern England. Light rain and drizzle elsewhere. For England and


Wales, another mild night. The temperatures at the levels they


should be by day. A chilly night, in central and northern Scotland.


It will be the brightest conditions to start cheese dip. The weather


front which brings the damp weather The. One or two spots of rain in


England and Wales, for many it will be a dry day. The best of the


sunshine in the south and east with highs of poll. The next seven


spells of weather comes through Tuesday into Wednesday. The cold


front will bring rain and gusty winds overnight. The loan moves on


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