13/01/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A sparkling weekend of winter sunshine lies ahead. It


is going to be on the cold side, particularly in the mornings. This


week it was mild. On Wednesday, temperatures across the country.


Today, 6-74 for tomorrow, colder, despite a lot of Saturday sunshine.


Through the weekend, a lot of us can have blue skies, but there will


be widespread night-time frost. The weather is not changing mat at the


moment. A large area at high pressure slowly moving its way into


the North Sea. Clear skies and temperatures are tumbling. Minus


five in part of Oxfordshire. This is the frost become a more


extensive. Mist and fog thickening up in the Thames Valley. Towns and


for deeds down to minus three. Not as cold in the south-west or


northern Scotland, where there will be cloud tonight and tomorrow. For


many, tomorrow promises sunshine with mist and fog float to clear,


but generally, it is going to be a sparkling day of sunshine as I


mentioned. Those temperatures will jump up the right side of freezing


with top temperatures in the far north of Scotland. We will have a


lot of Kleber the highs of 7-8 Celsius. Dry and bright in central


Scotland -- cloud. Temperatures up to four-five Celsius. Lots of


sunshine, too, down the spine of England and eastern areas. Cloud in


South Wales and south-west England but because we don't start with a


frost, temperatures may be higher. 6-7. That breeze will help to stop


too much frost on Saturday night but the frost will take hold. On


Saturday night, expect a cold one. Mist and fog, too, on Saturday


night across the East and that's because that's where the high


pressure is, and that is where the winds is lightest. More isobars.


This weather front is a particularly weak affair. Cloud and


spots of rain in the Isles of Scilly but by and large, Sunday, a


dry day. Again, mist and fog could be stubborn, and slow to clear but


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