12/01/2012 BBC Weather


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A calendar more in synch over the next few weeks with the weather.


The transition to the conditions began to date with cold air pushing


behind the cold front and as the high pressure builds it makes the


winds lighter and it is the ideal recipe for the first widespread


frost retired. It will develop over the night and it is the blue tinge


developing UK wide. Scotland, East and Northern Ireland, may be


floating with Norfolk and we may see mist and fog forming but the


mast -- vast majority will be freezing. Through the towns and


cities below freezing with minus temperatures in some -- in Scotland,


but as we start over Friday morning most of us will wake up to a frost


and we will see showers across Scotland and the risk of ice


elsewhere where we have seen showers through the evening. Into


Northern Ireland, many western areas might be free of frost but to


the east it will be a clear and frosty start as well be the case


across England and Wales. An area of cloud will develop across north-


west England and into the Midlands and South Wales and south-west


England are prone to freezing fog patches. Some of those could take a


while to shift. The cloud through the Midlands will slowly thin out


and break and during the day Northern Ireland will turn cloudier


as well Northwest's common with patchy rain. For the vast majority


start with clear skies and finish and a skunk -- sunny skies.


Temperatures lower than recently, but with the sunshine at it will


feel reasonably pleasant. With the light winds the frost develops


again quickly. You will notice the blue tinge more prevalent across


England and Wales. This is where the coldest conditions are. You


will see some missed and freezing fog. To the west and north, the


frost is patchy, and that is where more cloud will develop into the


start of the weekend. Sunny spells here and there. Most dry and while


some of the fog may take some time to shift, we will see decent


sunshine and temperatures similar to Friday. The reason we see the


fog across eastern areas is because of the high pressure weather winds


are lightest. That moves to the east but still fog possible to


start the day. Further west, the isobars pinch together, so more of


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