11/01/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A long last we are about to get a taste of winter.


It's going to take a while. The process begins tomorrow. First


hints of the colder air will push in from the north, but to get there


and sweep away the mild air we need weather fronts. They'll bring rain,


but as the chart suggests, strong winds too. Widespread gales for the


north and then later we could see winds of 70mph, just enough to


cause some disruption to tomorrow morning's rush hour. In the south,


winds lighter. Largely dry. A few spots of rain in the west. Clear


skies could cause frost. For most, too much cloud and too much wind.


For the rush hour, northern England, the Midlands and Wales will be


kouldiest. You'll notice the -- cloudiest. You'll notice the patchy


cloud. By the afternoon, the colder air will work into nuch of northern


England. The sun will be out. -- much of northern England. The sun


will be out. There will be more showers in the afternoon and some


will be wintry over the mown contains. In Northern Ireland, a


dry day. Long spells of sunshine throughout the day. Temperatures


around 7 or 8. Closer to what they should be. Plenty of cloud in Wales,


with the odd shower, but breaks in the cloud, allowing sunshine.


Temperatures in Cardiff around 11. Across much of southern England and


the south Midlands, plenty of cloud. Still the chance of a few spots of


rain but 11 or 12, still above what it should be for this time of year.


The colder air will push in as the cloud melts through Thursday night.


Some mist and fog patches, but a widespread frost. These are the


city centre temperatures. In rural parts it will be colder. If you are


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