18/01/2012 BBC Weather


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The scattering of showers here will turn wintry particularly over the


hills. Even though we'll see clear skies, mild conditions further


south - 8-10 Celsius possible. Where those clearer conditions


develop further north, temperatures close to freezing. There will be a


risk of ice to start the morning, particularly in Scotland. The


showers ease. We'll start with dry, fairly bright weather for the


morning rush hour. That's the best part of the morning before it goes


downhill during afternoon. Northern Ireland will see morning brighters,


but some scattered showers first thing. Some of those across


Northern England, but some breaks in the cloud. In East Anglia,


Southern England and much of Wales, which like this morning, starts


grey and misty over the hills. The rain will be that little bit


heavier than this morning. It will clear on Thursday, particularly


during the morning. By lunch, it will start to brighten up, with


sunny spells and dry weather for the afternoon. But Northern England,


Scotland and Northern Ireland, bands push in from west to east. As


the cold air digs in, we'll see them turning to snow. Modest hills


in Scotland will see a good covering. It will be 5-6 Celsius


with that blustery wind. We'll see flurries in the north to take us


into Thursday night. Dry and clear again tomorrow night across


southern areas. That'll last into Friday morning, but not too long


because thickening cloud will spread across the country.


Outbreaks of rain working north and eastwards taking away the sunshine


in the north-east. The south-east will stay dry - 11-


12 Celsius possible. Into Saturday and the weekend, the wintry weather


will return. But no-where as wintry as we have


in the north-eastern United States at the moment. Some of you are


dreaming of snow. Take Seattle - today alone likely to see close to


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