20/01/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Those of you planning to spend any length of time outdoors this


weekend may be fighting the strength of the winds at times.


They will strengthen the through tonight but they will clear away


some of the persistent rain we have seen during the evening. It does


not dry out completely, we will still see particular areas of cloud


just about anywhere and to the east of Scotland, the clearest of skies.


But for most, a relatively mild night. A windy start to tomorrow, a


windy day all in all but after a great start, it'll brighten up for


the vast majority. For most, plenty of cloud and further outbreaks of


rain. Always more cloud around the shadows. Sunny spells into the


afternoon of the just a few showers but the winds rarely to strengthen.


If you are travelling northwards that may cause you a few problems.


Eastern areas generally dry and bright. Showers in Northern Ireland,


the rain will rattle across the sky quite quickly on that Kirsty went.


Mainly dry and bright in the afternoon. In Wales, the afternoon


will brighten up. The southern parts of England, I will not


promise they will be any sunshine but certainly, a lot more cloud in


the afternoon. The rain never really clears because Saturday-


night into Sunday, we have a front for turning northwards, bringing


more cloud and keeping temperatures up. Some rain and hail snow across


southern England. Some very strong and gusty winds and then for Sunday,


again, a process of brightening up. Many of us will see more sunshine.


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