23/01/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. The weather has been pretty kind if you were lucky


enough to be visited by Aura borealis tonight. But the clear


skies have meant it has turned pretty chilly, and it will be told


tomorrow morning. With the wet weather, it makes for an ugly


combination. And there will be snow around. Clear skies have led to


temperatures falling. The rain is already falling in Northern Ireland.


Central and eastern areas are dipping below zero. With the cold


air here, as the wet weather arrives, we will see snow in parts


of Scotland and northern England. It will mostly be over the hills,


but there could be some at lower levels for a time. As the wet


weather moves across the Grampians, there will be snow in the morning.


It is a miserable rush-hour in the central belt of Scotland. Across


northern England, quite a bit of snow over the hills. The Trans


Pennine routes will not be pleasant. Even at lower levels, they could be


a bit of snow around, maybe even as far south as the East Midlands.


Without the snow, it will be cold and wet. Looks pretty bleak across


the Midlands. The more persistent rain may have eased from the south-


west of England, but it will be a dull and dank start here. It will


be grey and white across much of Wales and Northern Ireland.


Temperatures in the West are well above freezing, so no snow here. We


might see more snow across north- east England and parts of eastern


Scotland through the morning. Perhaps even for a time across


Lincolnshire and East Anglia, but it is not expected to last.


Temperatures will really struggle in the east. A cold, dank day. In


the West, it will be dull, but temperatures here may reach double


figures. We will all be milder by Wednesday. But we have a lot of


isobars on the chart, so the winds will pick up during Wednesday.


Another dull day for most places. But we have that milder air, so the


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