02/02/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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It will be a frosty start but temperatures will lift in the


Sunshine. Anywhere we have had a shower it might turn icy. These are


the values in towns and cities. If we show you the rural temperatures,


they will be below freezing. A very cold day on Friday. Heavy snow


showers as part of Kent and Sussex and it may cause problems for the


morning rush-hour but they should fizzle out. For the majority it is


a sunny day. Clouding over parts of Northern Ireland and the Western


Isles of Scotland with rain arriving here. But for much of


northern Scotland and northern England there will be sunny spells.


The Sunshine is barely getting the temperatures above freezing.


Peaking at three decrees at the best. In the afternoon there could


be a few snow flurries getting into Norfolk. In the evening we are


expecting cloud to bring more snow across East Anglia, parts of Kent,


a few centimetres and possibly heading towards the London area.


The main focus has to be what is happening out West. Rain across


Northern Ireland, tied into this weather system. It is bringing in


mild air of the Atlantic and because it is coming in off the


Atlantic it is bringing moisture. As it bumps across the cold air,


which looks like it is not shifting anywhere, it is when they meet we


could see some such -- significance no fault. Maybe transients across


northern Britain but it may grind to a halt and bring significant


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