03/02/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It is already minus tent across some parts of the


country. But the temperatures are not the main feature. Over the next


couple of days it is the snowfall. We are expecting a period of snow


to cross the country. Central and eastern areas are most at risk.


Western areas will see outbreaks of rain. The range is coming into


Northern Ireland and western Scotland tonight. For most tonight


it is bitterly cold with clear skies. It will be minus ten or 11


in rural areas. A bitterly cold starts to a very wintry day on


Saturday. Wet and windy in Northern Ireland and Scotland. There will be


snow in Scotland, particularly on the higher roots. By the afternoon


it will brighten up a little bit across the Highlands of Scotland,


but there will be more snow in the Grampians. After a wet and windy


morning in Northern Ireland it turns a bit drier. It is mild at


eight or nine Celsius. For Wales and south-west England there could


be some snow over the hills. At low levels it will be mostly rain. That


will cause problems if it falls on frozen surfaces. For East Anglia


and the East there is plenty of winter sunshine, but it will be


bitterly cold. The snow is expected to arrive across northern England


and the Midlands in the afternoon. It builds up through the late


afternoon and the evening and will spread down to East Anglia and the


South East. It builds up during Saturday night into Sunday morning.


We could see in some places maybe 10 centimetres of snow. If you see


that, it is likely to cause problems. We have an amber warning


out in force, but there are other warnings across the country. There


could be ayes anywhere, particularly on Sunday morning. If


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