16/02/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Prepare to be confused. Not by me, hopefully, but


the weather is certainly leading us a merry dance. Last weekend was


very cold across England, barely above freezing. It has got milder


through the week and some places reached 13 degrees today. As we


approach the weekend, it will turn a lot colder. For more than Britain,


particularly wintry. If you are heading to the north of Scotland


this weekend, go prepared for some very wild weather. Gales, blizzards,


and a lot of snow. It is pretty benign at the moment, most places


cloudy but mild. Some dampness spreading across Wales, towards the


West Country. Cloud keeping temperatures up in most places.


Friday will be another mild day for most. The dampness turns around and


heads north from Wales to the Irish Sea, Northern Ireland, into north-


west England and particularly western Scotland later in the day


with heavy and persistent rain here. From the Midlands South, it will


stay pretty drive. Lots of CROWD:, and a bit of a breeze. But


the impetus could be up a notch on today. -- temperatures could be up.


Pretty damp across Wales, particularly further north.


Snowdonia seeing persistent rain. There will have been wet weather


pushing through Northern Ireland, easing off three-time but some


dampness in the air for the rest of the day. -- for a time. To the east


of the high ground in Scotland, not so much rain. Not quite as mild as


today across eastern Scotland. Tomorrow night, the rain starts to


head south east. Heavy rain, too, with squally winds heading from


Scotland and Northern Ireland into England and Wales on Saturday. A


mild day in the south and a lot colder in the north, despite the


sunshine. Showers turning wintry with heavy, blustery showers across


Scotland in particular. The mild air being swept away by the cold as


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