17/02/2012 BBC Weather


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By the middle of next week it will begin to feel like Spring Again. We


are only in the middle of February. It will turn a lot colder across


the country and for some of us there will be some snow around,


especially in the north. The colder air coming in behind a cold front.


A large bank of cloud. That is pushing into Scotland, Northern


Ireland, it right now, producing wet and windy weather overnight. Up


to an inch of rain across the North West Highland and Islands. The rain


pushing into the north-west of England and Wales. Try to the south


and east. Turning much colder behind the raid. -- behind the rain.


Brighter conditions pushing into Scotland, Northern Ireland, the


north and west. Brighter but colder as well. All were things will


improve across the Midlands and northern England after a wet spell


temperatures will be tumbling away. The main focus through the


afternoon will be the Highlands and Grampian, blizzard conditions. 4th


some sleet and snow are pushing and through Northern Ireland. For most


of Wales after a wet morning things will brighten up quite nicely.


Temperatures falling away. Some rain pushing into south-western


part of England, as we get into the afternoon that will be clearing


away. For the south-east after a dry start it will be wet and windy.


Heavy rain, gusty wind, if you are going to Ascot you could well get


wet. The risk of some ice as temperatures fall away. A cold


night tomorrow night. Sleet and snow showers across the north and


west. Becker beat a covering of snow for the north and west of


Wales. -- they could be a covering of snow. Sunday, a different sort


of day. Lighter wind, many places will have a fantastic day. Bright


and crisp and sunny. Wintery showers across the north and west.


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