20/02/2012 BBC Weather


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Hello. We've reached 14 Celsius today in northern Scotland. That's


more than double the average for this time of year. We're not done


there with the high temperatures. This week it will be very mild. It


is not necessarily going to be sunny. There will be spells of rain


crossing the country blown in by a fairly strong wind. Particularly


lively on Wednesday. Overnight tonight, much milder than last


night. A few breaks in the cloud may allow temperatures to drift


close to freezing. Againly, we're staying at a few degrees above


freezing thanks to that blanket of cloud. A very different feel


tomorrow. Pretty cloudy across the south-west in the morning.


Outbreaks of rain on the north coast of Devon and Cornwall. A dull


and damp start across much of Wales. It is looking pretty grey over


Northern Ireland. Outbreaks of rain here through the morning. 8 or 9


Celsius. Here it should cheer up through the day. Western parts of


Scotland also looking dull and damp. It was the Murray Firth that saw 14


degrees today. And again tomorrow. With sunshine tomorrow afternoon we


could see similar temperatures. The rain continues no Cumbria. Some


cause for concern. Elsewhere over England most places starting dry.


Predominantly cloudy but we'll get breaks in the cloud. Through the


day, more optimistic of seeing more breaks, particularly of if you're


to the east of higher ground. Some sunshine over north-east England


and north-east Scotland. It will stay grey around many western


coasts. Even where it is dull temperatures of 9-10 Celsius better


than average temperatures. Wednesday could see even higher


temperatures. You probably won't notice because of a strong wind.


Lively, gusty winds particularly over eastern England. The rain


building up. It brings the threat of flooding into Cumbria. Where we


need the rain across the south-east, we probably won't get it until


quite late in the day. Another weather system approaches for


Thursday. Crucially, we're in between those weather fronts on


Thursday. That's where the really mild air is. We could be in the


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