21/02/2012 BBC Weather


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Atlantic winds may bring warmth our way over the next few days. They


will bring wet as well. That is the story tonight into tomorrow for


some pretty wet spell of weather and increasingly windy too. We have


seen it rain in western Scotland, it gets wetter here. Wetter too in


Northern Ireland, north west England and the north and west of


Wales. South and east will stay dry. A cool night four to six Celsius,


compared with eight, nines or tens in the wetter spots further north.


For much of Scotland Wednesday will start wet. Wet start in Northern


Ireland. The rain not as heavy. It will ease off every now and again.


Further outbreaks of rain turning heavier to the north and west of


Wales. South and east, something dryer. Generally, cloudy for


Cornwall, maybe spots of rain here. Devon eastwards it should be a dry


start to the day. On the chilly side. We will have spells of hazy


sunshine. If anything, it will be a cooler day given the strengthening


wind. A wet start in the north west particularly so in the Lake


District. Maybe as high as 100mm on some of the hills. That will leave


surface water flooding. To add to the rain strengthening winds. Gales


could hit 50mph to 60mph. That may cause problems on the A66 later.


The rain will ease off a touch, but damp into the afternoon.


We are left with a legacy of low cloud and patchy drizzle. Typical


with warm sector conditions which follow into Thursday, we will have


a flow of very warm air for the time of year. We have low cloud and


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