22/02/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. I'm sure some of you will have welcomed today's reign.


The heaviest rain is out of the way but we are left with some damp


conditions. Light rain and drizzle most prevalent across southern and


western parts. Some very low cloud is heading our way. Of note are the


temperatures, 8-11 degrees. These are more like daytime highs rather


than those at this time of year. It will be a mild start to Thursday.


East Anglia and the Midlands there will be some subtle hints of


brightness. They may be some fog disrupting flights in the Channel


Islands. Some fog across south-west England and Wales. It will be


extensive across the hills. The cloud could be thick enough for


some drizzle. To the east of Wales it should be dry and brighter. Not


too many fog problems in Northern Ireland but a cloudy start with


some spots of drizzle. A damp start to the west of Scotland. To the


east we will see something drier and brighter. The same for northern


England. It will be particularly murky, damp and misty. With the


flow coming from the south-west it will struggle to brighten up. To


the east of high ground, the cloud will break with sunny spells


possible across eastern England and Scotland. We may hit the dizzy


heights of 17 degrees Celsius. It will feel more like late spring


warmth than winter. It should be eight degrees that this time of


year. The mild air gets pushed out of the way. The cold front works


its way southwards from Thursday night into Friday. It will bring


cloud and patchy rain across England and Wales. We should hold


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