15/03/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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the BBC London team, do have a very In good evening.


If you have been watching the weather, she will know it has been


a week of contrast and certainly today -- you. It was grey and cold


today under leaden skies in part of the West Midlands and Wales in


particular. But just down the M40, bright sunshine across parts of


south-east England and East Anglia, it felt like early summer with a


high of 19 degrees, the warmest day of the year so far. We will not see


each seat -- see such a dramatic contrast over the next few days but


we will see some rain are pushing into Northern Ireland and Scotland,


turning increasingly damp. One or two heavy bursts and a freshening


breeze. A bit of fog across central and eastern parts of England but


not the -- to the extent of last night, and the cloud will hold


temperatures above freezing. Those between three and seven degrees. It


will be a slow start tomorrow, with some low cloud and mist. We will


have rain across Northern Ireland and Scotland of the patchy nature,


staggering its way slowly eastwards into some North western fringes of


England and Wales, but further south and east, you will stay find


and I am hopeful that for Cheltenham, for the Gold Cup, it


should stay bright if rather cloudy with a freshening breeze. Cloudier


towards the western coast, but rain turning up across west Wales later


on. Most central and eastern parts of Wales will have a fine day,


though. 13 or 14 degrees. Right across eastern part of northern


England. Further west, some damp as turning up for Scotland and


Northern Ireland. But improving the further north and west you go.


Looking ahead to Saturday, the weather front Peps up across


England and Wales and we could see some heavy bursts of rain. Some


thunder as well, staggering from west to east. Quite cool and cloudy


and damp but Scotland and Northern Ireland, not a bad day. Some


sunshine to be had. Some uncertainty about how quickly


things will clear-up but still a front dangling across them off


seven eastern part of the UK on Sunday, so still the potential of


some lively showers, and breezy as well. Northern England and Northern


Ireland and Scotland seeing the best of the sunshine but


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