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Good evening. Forget about March. For some of us it appears that June


has jumped the queue. For the heart of southern England today we peaked


at 20 degrees. And it was warm and sunny across many parts of the UK.


Along the East Coast of England, it was very different, just ten


degrees here, despite a lot of sunshine. It wasn't sunny


everywhere. Across south-western parts of England it's been cloudy


with showery bursts of rain. These are continuing now, pushing into


south-west Wales. Heading in the direction of Northern Ireland later


on. That's the exception. Most of us dry. Quite chilly, a touch of


frost across northern areas and mist and low cloud in a number of


places as well. It might be rather chilly, grey, uninspiring start to


the day. Most of the that low cloud lifts readily with increasing


amounts of sunshine. The showers across Northern Ireland will


dissipate. One o two turning up across the mainland. But they will


be isolated. Nearly all of us staying dry with a lot of sunshine.


If you look closely you might see the blob of blue, indicating a low


risk of one or two heavy down pours. But nearly all will stay fine with


a lot of sunshine. Cool again along the East Coast. Temperatures pegged


back here. Inland, every bit as warm as today. Yes 21 degrees is


possible to the west of London. A brighter day than today across


south-west Wales and south-west England. Temperatures will respond


in the sunshine. Saturday, more of the same, a misty, grey start in


some places. That mist and low cloud could be persistent along


East Coast of Scotland. Most other places settling into another fine


and warm day. Really we stick with the status quo throughout the


weekend with high pressure staying in charge. Subtle changes from day


to day. We won't get the fine detail right. But the gist is that


it stays dry with increasing amounts of sunshine through the day.


Best in the west. Towards the East Coast temperatures will be pegged


back because of the breeze. And some low cloud too. The weekend is


dry, warm and sunny. But feeling bracing along the East Coast.


If it's rain you're after, I would look away now. As we look ahead


into next week, that high pressure is still slap bang over the top of


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