29/03/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening, a cloudy weekend lies ahead after what has been a


remarkably warm and sunny week. 20th March 12 has been remarkable.


The provisional statistics suggest the average temperature is three


degrees above average. It has been very sunny and that will continue


tomorrow for the majority of the country. It will turn warmer once


again after a bit of a chilly start. We are starting to see some changes.


The satellite pictures show more cloud across north-western areas.


That is moving south. More cloud grazing the east coast but for many,


it will be a clear night once more and it will turn quite chilly. Fog


should also form but that will clear through the morning. Many of


us will have a sunny day but western Scotland will have a lot of


cloud and some drizzle. Much more cloud than recent warnings across


Northern Ireland, of north-west England, the West Midlands, North


and West Wales. For eastern areas of England and across much of the


South, you know the drill. It starts chilly but then the sunshine


will come in. More cloud across East Anglia and the South East. The


cloud in land should tend to clear but around the coast in the north-


west, the cloud could persist all day. It will not be as warm where


we have the cloud. But the orange colour in the east and the South


suggesting that temperatures would jump up. Temperatures still above


average where it is cloudy. We will all see temperatures dropping as we


head into the weekend. The weather front is coming south. That will


bring more cloud and it would introduce cooler air. Generally, a


great day on Saturdays. Still some bright spells, particularly across


the south-west -- generally, it will be a grey day. More dry and


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