30/03/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. After a week of


sunshine and warmth the school holidays arrive and the weather


changes. This weekend will get cooler across the country.


Temperatures will be back to where they should be. After the sunshine


of this week, more in the way of cloud. High pressure that has


dominated has moved into the Atlantic. A northerly air flow has


developed. There will be one or two spots of light rain and drizzle


here a and there. After a clear start to the night, spots will be


chilly into the morning, most around six to eight degrees to


start Saturday. Cloudier than this morning. Some will struggle to


break the cloud. Further north sunshine develops quickly in


Scotland. Sunny conditions will develop south into the afternoon. A


few spots of rain around, temperatures the highest across the


country at 16 degrees. From the Midland northwards we will see the


cloud thin out after that cloudy grey start to the day with light


drizzle. Look at the wind direction coming in from a general north to


north-easterly. A cold wind. By the afternoon temperatures could be


eight or nine degrees down on today's values at 9-12 Celsius.


These are the values we should be closer to at this time of year. The


colder air will push down Saturday night into Sunday. A colder night


than it has been for sometime quite widely. A widespread frost away


from the major towns and cities where you will get two or three


degrees in the city cities. Rural areas below freezing to start


Sunday. A crisp clear start to the day sunshine over head for many.


Cloud amounts will build throughout the day. Dry with sunny spells for


most part, thicker cloud will bring rain into northern Scotland. This


weather front, as it pushes southwards on Monday and Tuesday,


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