11/04/2012 BBC Weather


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That is it for tonight. From all of Good evening. Most of us are


settling into a dry and quiet night, but believe me, it has been a day


of high drama weather-wise. This was the scene earlier on, a Winter


Wonderland, seemingly, in Hampshire, but this is Hale, not snow. There


was a torrential snow -- storm, bringing that covering. There were


others scattered across the UK. Some places had sunshine all day


long, part of the south-west of England did particularly well and


my head, some fluffy cloud but some blue-sky and sunshine, with a


similar mixture over the next 24-48 hours. Most of the showers are


dying away and it will be a fine and chilly but for most of the UK,


temperatures like last night falling away quite quickly and we


could see a touch of frost in the suburbs and did more rural areas.


Close to freezing with one or two mist patches around. A chilly start


to Thursday. Brighton so it for many but already be on show were


knocking around -- bright start. Fairly randomly distributed, the


showers, but they are a small scale factors that determine whether


sunshine and the share was four. Central and eastern parts will see


some heavy downpours once again. Torrential storms in there as well.


Temperatures at best, 12 or 13, but when the showers, long, they will


fall by several degrees. The south- west of England best they could


again to stay mostly dry with plenty of sunshine through the


afternoon. -- best placed again. Northern Ireland probably getting


away with a largely sunny day. Not to warm, nine or 10 degrees with a


breeze coming down from the north and recalled being attended the


Scotland with a scattering of showers and a breezy day -- a call


ending. Tomorrow night, we could see some wintry showers developing


on that northerly breeze, temperatures down to low levels by


the time we reach Friday morning with the cold weather spreading


down to northern parts of Britain. Further south, not as cold but


again, some heavy showers developing. If you're lucky, it


will stay dry and bright. It is the cold air that will engulf the UK,


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