12/04/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It's been another day of hydra that weather-wise up and


down country. Some violent thunder storms. This was the scene taken by


Chris in Crondall in Hampshire, hail covering the road through the


village. Some of us have had sunshine all day long. These


showers lingering on in one or two places, but by and large it will


become dry. Cold as well as we have seen the last few nights out of


town, we could see some frost and snow over the mountains. A chilly


start to Friday. The cloud will build up in abundance, particularly


across the southern half of the UK. The showers will be slow-moving and


torrential locally, perhaps not just as many violent thunder storms


as we saw today. The odd rumble of thunder possible across the east


and south of England. Slow-moving because the winds will be fairly


light. Out of the showers, 14 or 15. The temperatures will be tumbling


away. Fewer showers across northern England and Scotland. But, those


that do fall, as I mentioned, will be falling as snow over the high


ground, not causing any problems through daylight-hours because


there's so much warmth now in the road surfaces. One or two showers


in Northern Ireland and spots of sunshine. West Wales and south-west


England, more showers than we have seen in the last few days. Some


could be meaty as well with the odd rumble of thunder. Through tomorrow


night, we could see some persistent rain in South Wales and south-west


England. A slow start to the weekend here, but dampness around


too. That should clear. Breezy elsewhere with brightness towards


the west. A lot of cloud towards eastern England. A cool breeze


coming in off the sea and restricting the temperatures and a


few showers knocking around too. Saturday night, under clearing


skies, looks like a particularly cold one away from the south-east.


Gardeners take note, we could see a sharp frost developing. Saturday


night into Sunday morning. A chilly start to Sunday. By this time, most


of the showers will have faded away, plenty of crisp sunshine out there,


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