13/04/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. This week's mixture of sunshine and showers has made


for some dramatic skyline to. -- skylines. Tomorrow, another showery


day, with the added ingredient of a chilly breeze. That is already


sitting in across parts of Scotland and north-east England. The other


end of the UK, some showery rain for parts of Wales and the south-


west. In between, a touch of frost where the skies remain clear. A


mixed start to the weekend. The fault should clear, some sunshine,


the showers continuing to drift down. It does not look particularly


good. We have got the FA Cup semi- final taking place at Wembley, and


here it will probably stay dry. The odd isolated shower across parts of


the South West -- south-east, but in the south-west, heavy, thundery


downpours possible for a time. It could be quite nasty. One or two


showers drifting into northern parts of Wales on that cool breeze.


Northern Ireland would probably get away with a dry day. Chile across


Scotland, despite some brightness in the West. Through daylight hours,


I don't think any snowfall is going to cause problems. Some showers


drifting down at three parts of northern England, if you are going


to the Grand National, takes some layers. You can catch the action


live on BBC One. A cold night tomorrow night in the Sunday


morning. -- keen to Sunday morning. The breeze probably saving you


across the South East. By and large, Sunday will be drier, brighter,


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