17/05/2012 BBC Weather


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into the back the show on BBC London 94.9. Have a good evening. -


Good evening. It is a few days away but there are some signs of our


weather settling down as we head into the early part of next week.


It may turn drier and brighter. Until we get there, our weather


chart remain rather messy. There will also be an increasing easterly


breeze. That breeze will continue to feed cloud and rain in central


and southern Scotland overnight. A few showers elsewhere but some


clearer skies across parts of the South. The breeze will help to keep


temperatures up. In the far north of Scotland, some clearer skies may


allow temperatures to get close to freezing. There could be some sunny


intervals. Generally across Scotland it is another great day.


Go will feel cold and the East with outbreaks of rain on the borders.


Some cloud early on in Northern Ireland. Grey across northern


England and Northern Wales. Further south we should see something


brighter and chance of sunny intervals with temperatures in


double figures at 8 o'clock in the morning. As we go through the day


we continued have that easterly breeze making it feel distinctly


chilly on the north-east coast. We could see some showers in the


afternoon. With a lot of cloud across northern Britain,


temperatures will struggle, single figures for many. That is really


disappointing for this time of year. In the south, temperatures a bit


higher. Perhaps a little but warmer at Lord's, a better chance of


seeing some sunshine but a greater risk of seeing interruptions to


play with a chance of showers at Lord's in the afternoon and evening.


Through the evening we will see showers gathering to form into a


strike of rain across central areas during Saturday morning. The


central areas remain predominantly dull. In the south, if it brightens


up, it will feel like may wither temperatures and high teens. Across


Scotland we should have some sunshine on Saturday. It is not


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