18/05/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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If you are hoping for something a bit drier and brighter and warmer,


then next week's weather charts bring reason for optimism. Before


then, however, we do have a transitional weekend to get through.


These weather fronts continuing to bring rain across the central area


of the country tonight. In the south, generally a dry night.


Further north, dry and with clear skies across Scotland, turning


quite cold. In rural areas we could see a touch of frost. A chilly


start to the weekend but there will be sunny spells across a good part


of Scotland. Grey across the far south of Scotland and much of


Northern Ireland, still pretty dull with outbreaks of rain across


northern England, another cold day on the North Sea coast. Dizzily in


the Midlands and parts of North Wales. Brighter skies further south,


temperatures creeping into the teens at 9am. It will be a bit


chilly for the start of the Olympic torch relay, but I'm optimistic


there will be some sunny spells. As the torch winds its way further


eastwards, the cloud will develop and there is the likelihood of one


Lord two showers across Devon and Cornwall during the afternoon. By


the time we get to the evening, there is the possibility of a


shower but I'm hoping it will be dry in Plymouth, temperatures


around 11 or 12. Sunny spells through the day in the south-east


corner and Scotland. The rain will peter out slowly across the central


areas. But always staying Gray on the North Sea coasts, and with the


wind coming in off the sea it is going to feel cold. In the south,


however, with a bit of sunshine we could reach 18, 19 or close to 20


Celsius to the west of London. A bright day at Lord's, chance of


some sunny spells. They should be a full day's play but on Sunday I


can't promise that as the breeze picks up and we could see outbreaks


of rain. That is from this area of low pressure which is arching


towards East Anglia and the south- east. A bit of a breeze with cloud


and outbreaks of rain coming and going across many Central, eastern


and southern counties of England. Elsewhere, it's looking fine and


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