21/05/2012 BBC Weather


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We'll be back tomorrow in Breakfast. From all of us on the late team,


Good evening. Given the mayo we have had so far, I would not be


surprised if many of you are looking longingly at the skies.


Lake Windermere, this was sent by Alex Deakin. It shows the blue-sky


us for many. We will inject more warmth over the next few days. In


the east, we will see more mist and low cloud developing. A bit of mist


and low cloud to the south-west. The art, isolated fog patch. Rural


areas could get a little bit cooler. It will not take long to warm-up


under sunny skies. Holding on to a bit more across the south-west. In


Northern Ireland and western Scotland, there could be patchy


rain. A bit more cloud across the south west and south-west Wales,


temperatures are in the mid- teens. In the east, the warmer orange


colours. Sunshine overhead in Donington. In the East Midlands,


temperatures could be about eight degrees higher than today. On the


coast, patchy mist and fog possible. A bit more cloud with the threat of


rain. Into Wednesday, we ruff the do It All Over Again. They could be


one of two showers. -- do it all again. With the sunshine inland,


temperatures in the low to mid- twenties. Western areas could see a


shower. Long spells of sunshine. Bursting night and into Friday, the


pressure builds up over Scandinavia. -- Thursday night. A lot more


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