05/06/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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The long weekend and the celebrations are at an end but I do


have one more possession to show you. It is red, white, and blue but


I doubt it will have much in the wake of the feel-good factor. These


were the systems are gathering in the Atlantic and heading towards us


and we all bring wet weather over the coming days, and also


accompanied by a strong, gusting wind. It is staying on the colder


side. It is not as cold as last night. Thanks mostly to the blanket


of cloud. Turning a bit dry yet across the staff with heavy showers.


-- a bit drier across the south. Temperatures staying in double


figures. Across north west Scotland it will turn a bit colder. A


largely dried date. In eastern Scotland it will be cold and wet.


Fairly damp in Northern England and Northern Ireland. In the south it


is a case of avoiding the showers. A lot of showers in the south-west,


some of them heavy and thundery. The lively showers will quite


quickly drift across southern counties of England. It will get a


bit brighter but we will also see showers developing across northern


England, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland. Particularly here


the showers will be slowed moving. The chance of a thunderstorm. A bit


more brightness, some sunshine, temperatures a bit higher. Colder


in north-east Scotland. Estate into Wednesday evening. That only a


Lyle's the next weather system to head northwards for Thursday --


allows. The wet weather drifts in all the woods. Very wet at


Edgbaston for the Test match. Increasingly windy on Thursday


evening. They could get very lively in the south. This area of low-


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