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Good evening. Today's thunderstorms which have extended from as far


west as Northern Ireland to as far east as East Anglia are dying out,


that is not the end of the stormy weather. Over the next couple of


day, wild weather almost, unusually strong winds, particularly in the


south-west this time tomorrow, and susceptible to heavy rain. Today's


downpours are easing but it has been wet in North East Scotland.


The next area of rain creeping into south-west England and eventually


much of Wales by the end of the night. Elsewhere it is turning dry


but the left over moisture is allowing things to turn mist y.


Temperatures 10-13. For most Thursday it is a wet day, but for


some we will have sunny spell, north-west Scotland and after a


dismal day it will be drier in east Scotland. A drier perhaps misty


start through central Scotland. Same goes for Northern Ireland


although it won't be long before the rain arrives here. A soggy


affair for the tomorrow relay. We start the day grey and damp in


England and Wales. The winds are starting to pick up in the south-


west. More on that in a moment the wet weather gradually edged north


in much of Northern Ireland by the end of the morning, eventually into


southern Scotland. Bar a few showers the far north will stay dry.


Another zone of wet weather works across England and Waless by the


afternoon. Looking soggy at Edgbaston for. Temperatures 16 or


17, feeling cool we are the rain and the wind, which really whips up


in the south-west. Possibly in the far south-west, gus of 70mph.


Elsewhere in south-west England, gus of 50-606789 that could cause


some problems with the the trees in full leaf. The wet windy weather is


thanks to an area of low pressure which is across the country during


Friday. Round it, we will have spiralling bands of rain. The winds


will ease a touch but it is a very blustery day in southern County,


perhaps turning brighter, with sunny spells but for much of the UK


expect further band of rain, expect it to be cool W the rain starting


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