25/06/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Some pretty steamy weather heading our way in the next


few days. Some of us will notice the heat. Others will just get wet.


Already it's damp across the far south-west of England. We will see


patchy rain extending across over southern counties and Wales and


knocking on the door of Northern Ireland later. Further north and


east dry and under clearest of skies across north-east of Scotland,


quite cool. But very humid towards the south-west.


A bright start for Scotland. Reasonable start here and for


northern England. Already some dampness for Northern Ireland,


pushing in across Wales. Some of this patchy rain will be pushing up


into parts of the Midlands. Bright start for East Anglia. Across the


West Country drab and around exposed coasts and hills some fog


around. Not much is going to change across this part of the world,


patchy rain continues to extend further north and east across the


UK. It will come and go. But eventually potentially heavy rain


possibly across parts of northern England and up into southern and


central parts of Scotland. The brightness hanging on across the


far north-east, and possibly in and around Torbay, for example, it


might brighten up. A humid feel across southern areas. If you are


going to Wimbledon, maybe one or two interruptions. But prolonged


dry spells, too. So not a washout by any means


the fronts continuing to move northwards. They're going to stall


across Scotland, which means a wet picture here. To the south we are


going to draw in warm air across the Bay of Biscay and potentially


if the sun comes out on Wednesday temperatures will shoot up into the


mid-20s, the warmest spell for several weeks. Across Scotland,


where we have all those weather fronts, a lot of cloud and rain, it


will be disappointingly cool. By Thursday potentially some heavy


rain setting in across parts of Northern Ireland and the south-west


of Scotland. We have severe weather warnings in place for here. One to


watch. We could see thundery downpours further south as the heat


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