26/06/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A silver lining to our cloudy and pretty wet summer so


far is that we have largely avoided warm, humid night which are


difficult for sleeping through. Until tonight. These are the


overnight rally is sticking in the mid- teens, the test -- the


temperatures we have been struggling to reach during the day.


There will be some cloud and outbreaks of rain in Scotland.


Elsewhere, there will be some showers, particularly heavy bursts


of rain returning to Northern Ireland and north-west England


tomorrow morning. A grey start tomorrow which will be another


humid day with, for many, further showers. This arm of rain tracks


its way into southern parts of Scotland during the day. Further


south, after a grey and misty start, it will get brighter. Any hazy


sunshine should trigger afternoon downpours. It stays gloomy


throughout the day. In the far north it is not too humid here.


Rain through the central belt of Scotland. Northern Ireland should


turn drier and brighter. Northern England will keep cloud and rain


through the day. Further south, it will get brighter with hazy


sunshine coming through. Coastal areas will stay gloomy. We could


reach into the mid- twenties. Across parts of eastern England


there is the chance of seeing some torrential downpours. Hopefully


there will not be a big shower at Wimbledon but there is the


possibility of some disruption to play. Again on Thursday we are


likely to see downpours and they could be affecting Northern Ireland


and southern Scotland. Rain here could be building up over the next


few days. That is one cause for concern. One more humid day on


Thursday before we start to see another change caused by this cold


front. It will bring the downpours but more importantly it will chase


away the warm and humid air building up over the next day or so.


Following on behind, the blue colours tell you all. It turns


cooler once more as we head into the weekend. We are back to where


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