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all of us on the late team, For a few hours later this week,


most of the United Kingdom will actually be dry. It will not last


long and at any time of the week in the UK somewhere, there will be


rain falling. It was that kind of day again in the Pennines. More


flash flooding as a result of intense downpours. Hebden Bridge


again, the second time in less than a week. Don't drop your guard in


this area, showers around overnight and into tomorrow. A Met Office


amber warning for rain further south in parts of the Midlands. The


North and East Midlands in particular. Heavy showers starting


to take shape, they could cause problems into the morning.


Overnight, a lot of cloud around, showers of rain and heavy showers


working into south-west England overnight. We really don't need


more rainfall there. This area of heavy rain, North and East Midlands,


in two parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Intense downpours,


they could beat surface water flooding it. Across East Anglia and


the south-east in contrast, tantalising glimpses of sunshine


before the showers get going. This line of showers works across south-


west England and may cause problems. It doesn't take much at the moment


because the ground is so saturated. In Wales, plenty of cloud and


outbreaks of rain to the north and west. After overnight rain in


Northern Ireland, a mainly dry start to the day. In Scotland,


another area of rain fall pushes in. It is in the north-east, it will


hang around for much of the day. In Scotland and Northern Ireland,


outbreaks of rain and showers. We have a heavy rain affecting parts


of the Midlands, Yorkshire to Lincolnshire. It develops into


thundery downpours. Elsewhere in northern England and further south


across England, too. One of two showers into Northern Ireland. Much


of the afternoon, south-west England, Wales, fringes of England


become mainly dry. A cool day in eastern Scotland. It is still wet


on Wednesday and the persistence of the rain here may cause problems.


Elsewhere on Wednesday, thundery downpours to contend with. That


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