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from me though, I wish you a very The great Yorkshire Show was the


latest victim of this summer of deluges today, cancelled because of


the rain. It's not just wet, it is cool for this time of year. Most of


us did not reach 20 degrees. In eastern Scotland some of us were


warmer at Christmas! There is more rain to come. There is an amber


warning for eastern Scotland. Heavy bursts into north-east England and


further west in Scotland for a time too. Heavy showers will clear away


from eastern England, some back over night to Wales and the South


West. Temperatures holding up into double figures. We start the day


tomorrow with a few showers around and soaking rain across eastern


parts of Scotland into north-east England, hanging on for much of the


day. Elsewhere there is brightening developing. Not so many downpours


in north-west England. The heaviest of the showers will be across the


south-east. You will know about it if you catch one of these, a chance


ever hail and thunder too. In the sunshine, although it's not warm


for the time of year it will feel pleasant. Many of the showers fade


away from Wales later in the afternoon. Northern Ireland, it's


sun and scattered showers. Scotland, sun is hard to come by, plenty of


cloud, disappointing temperatures again. By the end of the afternoon


confined to south-east Scotland and north-east England. There could be


an inch of rain. Where the ground ground is saturated a potential for


problems. On Wednesday night the rain has gone. For a time most of


the UK is dry. Relax. It doesn't last very long. After the cool


night on Thursday more rain from the South West spreading to other


parts of England and Wales. Ahead of that it's dry. It is quite cool,


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