16/07/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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This is the rain for the next couple of days, but before it comes,


there will be slightly drier conditions tonight. For many of us,


it will be a dry at night. It will be turning increasingly muggy


towards the west later. There will be some morning brightness, but


during the day tomorrow, the cloud will be increasing from the west.


The morning drizzle across the south-west of England should be


easing, but we will have south- westerly winds, maybe not as strong


as today, but bringing plenty of cloud. A rather grey day in store


in the north-west of England. The morning rain could be heavy in


Northern Ireland, Yves England and Wales -- easing off in the


afternoon. They could be the odd heavy burst to the east of the


Pennines. One or two showers possible in the Midlands. Much of


central and southern England staying dry. It will be a humid 22


degrees under the south-westerly wind. This area of low pressure


will be developing Tuesday night into Wednesday. That will bring the


potential for some heavier rain. There will be some fairly intense


downpours. There could be the risk of some further flooding. Thursday,


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