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Before we reached the promised land of warm sunshine, there is more of


what we have been news to come. Just a short time ago the Met


Office issued a main warning for the central belt of Scotland. It


turns wet overnight across southern and central Scotland and Northern


are island. That will push into the North of England and Wales leisure.


-- later. Central and southern Scotland remains wet just about all


day tomorrow. Some heavy showers in Northern Ireland. That rain turning


more showery through the day. For the central belt of Scotland, 40 mm


is quite common. Across the North of England some belated sunshine


but also some showers. Some of these could be heavy and thundery.


And across the south-west of England through the afternoon we


get a little more sunshine. But it will be quite breezy and that is


something you will notice if you are in England and Wales, that


stronger wind which will take the edge of the temperatures. The


showers in Northern Ireland could be heavy and later the rain could


return to the far north of the country. Yet again this is due to


an area of low pressure which will release its grip tomorrow night


taking the worst of that run with it. So the bulk of the showers on


Thursday will be for England and Wales. Then on Friday moored in the


wake of sunshine, fewer and larger showers across the country as well.


That is because we have an area of high pressure. The weather Friends


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