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Good evening. Given the summer we are having we have to make the most


of these brief fine spells. They don't seem to last all that long.


Mind you here is a rare visitor to our shores. High pressure. If you


missed out on the fine weather today don't worry, more to come


tomorrow. How long will it last? No problems out there tonight? It is


fine and dry and quiet. Mist and low cloud forming. Thicker patches


of fog towards the end of the night, particularly in rural areas around


some of the coasts. Temperatures just easting to the low to mid-


teens. A stuffy 17 or 18 in the larger conurbations. Tomorrow is


going to be another beautiful day. Plenty of fine, warm sunny weather.


A fair bit of cloud in some places. The cloud coming and going. The fog


could linger through the rush-hour in some spots but should lift. Some


place also see more cloud than today. Other places a bit less but


the bottom line is that it is going to be a lovely day from top to


bottom. Along the east coast of Scotland with the breeze off the


sea it won't be all that warm. Head west for the best of the sunshine


and best of temp Tuesday. A lovely day for northerly. Most of England


and Wales seeing temperatures up into the low to mid-20s, and


possibly up to 27 or 28 in the London area, like today. In the


south-west, a stunning day if you are heading to the beach. Minds you


for Weymouth and Portland there wasn't enough wind today. Tomorrow


touch and go. Hopefully something of a breeze setting Uweather-wise


no problems, a lot of sunshine around.


That goes for the rest of our Olympic tournaments during Friday.


If you are going to them, take some sunscreen. That sunshine will be


strong, despite some thin high cloud at times.


High pressure is still there as we start the weekend. Keep your eye on


this weather front that. Will play a part later on in the weekend. By


the end of Saturday it might throw up a shower across Cornwall. Most


places, another fine day, freshening breeze, so not just as


warm particularly near the east coast. Best of the temperatures


further west up to the low 20, a pleasant day with sunshine around.


Then into Sunday I'm afraid, the high pressure gives up the ghost.


That weather-front enters stage left and produces cloud and some


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