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A taste of summer to come over the next couple of days, with pressure


rising so it doesn't mean we will see a good deal of sunshine across


the country. Most places are going to be dry and fine. It is going to


be feeling warmer. We felt that today as temperatures were on the


rise. Clear skies through the night to night allowing some patchy mist


and fog to form around the coasts. The temperatures here dropping to


around 15 or 16 degrees, but it will be cooler further north. For


many of us first a Morningstar stride, fine with that sunshine.


Any mist and fog in land should lift and clear but there is always


the risk of some laughing on to the shores of south-western areas. That


might not be too far away from rain at some times, but it's a very


small risk. If you are heading to any of the Olympic events on


Thursday, warm sunshine, high UV levels and high pollen levels.


There will be some sea breezes developing around the coast.


Temperatures fall in land Wales reaching the mid-twenties. Northern


Ireland might see more cloud developing through the afternoon,


so the small chance of a light shower, but most places should be


dry. There's a small risk of a shower across the Shetland. In


mainland Scotland we have more cloud to Aberdeen Show, but across


the Central lowlands we are looking at highs of 20. A lot of fine, dry


weather with the sunshine across England and Wales. With the highest


of the temperatures across inland areas. We may get as high as 27


throughout the afternoon. A similar story for Friday. Any early miss


Dan Fogg should lift and clear to give a fine day with plenty of


sunshine. A bit more cloud out towards the north-east, generally


like winds with afternoon sea breezes. It will feel cooler out


towards the coast and in the north- east with more cloud, but further


south we are looking at highs of 26 or 27. It is all due to this


weather over the next few days. A high pressure will drift towards


Scandinavia and some weather fronts move into the south-west. That


increases the risk of showers developing throughout the weekend.


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