15/08/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. We have had some atrocious weather. We have had a


deep area of low pressure sat across our shores. It threatens


coastal wind overnight. We have seen in excess of 30 mm of rain.


Surface flooding as well. It is now sitting across Scotland. It is


starting to ease in intensity but the winds will whip up through the


night. Coastal Dale Street Irish Sea and heavy showers coming in. It


will be a muggy night. Tomorrow brings some respite from the rain.


If you're showers in some areas. We will have rain and hill fog across


the far north of Scotland. Thick and fast into northern England. For


blustery winds pushing showers across the south-west of England


into Wales. Then we have the potential for more heavy rain to


come towards Northern Ireland and ahead of that, sharp showers as we


head into Scotland. There will be the odd rumble of thunder and a few


more showers with the North West Highlands, compared to today. Heavy


showers through central, southern Scotland, and northern England.


Hopefully for eastern England, fewer showers and drier, sunnier


spells. Some decent play at Lord's for England against South Africa.


During the evening it is looking wet across Northern Ireland. Met


Office warnings and for this rain and for Friday's rain. On Friday


morning, more wet weather arrives across southern areas. A humid


started the day. As the rain clears from southern areas we could see


some heat building. But it looks work for parts of Wales and the


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