16/08/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. It never rains but it pours. More torrential rain and the


forecast for tonight and tomorrow. This massive area of low pressure


driving yet further for a humid air in off the Atlantic. There is a lot


of energy to be released. There will be heavy rainfall. Large


totals again during the night in Northern Ireland which could lead


to surface water flooding and river levels rising. Wales and the West


of England will be particularly prone. Other parts of England could


see nasty downpours as well. It is pouring with rain in Northern


Ireland. That might lead to travel disruptions heading into Scotland


overnight. As you saw, 17 to 19 degrees, a close and salt tonight.


Thundery downpours for the try to work. -- and sultry night. Another


pulse of really heavy rain coming back into the south and west during


the afternoon. We could well have some problems. We will need to stay


tuned to the forecast. A bit of uncertainty as to whether heavier


Palser as well cumin. Warnings are out and more details on the website.


-- pulses as well come in. More thundery rain potentially later. It


is worth mentioning hill fog with almost rain. We have more rain to


come. Thundery rain as well. Torrential downpours and


thunderstorms, as we saw yesterday. Where we see the drier weather, it


really hots up. 27, 28 Celsius in places. Our weather front stays


with us into Saturday. Hopefully not as much rain on Saturday. The


dividing line between the fresh air to the North West and the heat in


the South East. We could see temperatures approaching 30 degrees.


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