20/08/2012 BBC Weather


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There is a balance of power playing out across the UK as far as the


weather is concerned. The general story tomorrow is of sunny spells


and showers, but there is more to it. The closer you are to the area


of low pressure to the north-west of UK, the more likely you are to


get showers. The closer you are to the area of high pressure, the more


likely you are to get drier and brighter weather. Tonight, we see


that balance playing out. Share was more likely across western parts,


drier weather further east. Mist and fog may form as the night goes


on, much but it will not feel cold. Still quite humid across the south-


east. Into Tuesday, a dry start for most, but it will not take long for


those showers to get going across Scotland, Northern Ireland and then


those western fringes of England and Wales. By the afternoon, we


have heavy showers across a good part of Scotland. If you are caught


in a shower, it could be quite torrential. Under in the mix as


well. Not too many showers east of the Pennines. Not many showers


across the Midlands, but not much sunshine either by the afternoon


across East Anglia and the south- east. We could see rain in the


south-eastern counties. That is an area to watch. There is doubt over


the forecast here at the moment. There is the chance of a few sharp


showers in the south-west of England. Some parts could stay


bright. A similar mix across Wales, western parts most proud of -- most


prone to the odd downpour. In Northern Ireland, you could get


caught by a heavy shower, but it is hit and miss. In the evening and


overnight, the showers are still lingering across the North western


areas. The north and west are more likely to see showers again on


Wednesday. Maybe not as frequent, but further south and east, there


is a better chance of staying dry, with pleasantly warm sunshine.


Similar mix for Thursday. Many more places managed to stay dry.


Eventually, some rain pushes into Northern Ireland and western parts


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