11/09/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A distinct autumnal feel to our weather over the next


couple of days, starting to see cloud increasing from the West on


the satellite picture, stretching all the way back to Newfoundland.


That book in the cloud that you can see is a distinct a low, and it


used to be tropical storm Leslie, but now just a low pressure system


which will stay well away from our shores, heading towards Greenland


and Iceland. We are just on the tail-end of that over the middle


part of the week, so strong winds affecting Scotland, high pressure


just about holding on to the south. For tonight, clear skies to begin


with, a few showers, and by the end of the night some more rain moving


around the Irish Sea coast, parts of Northern Ireland, but it will be


chilly with many towns and cities dropping to eight degrees. As we go


through the day tomorrow, the temperatures will continue to


struggle, a call feeling day with plenty of cloud around, a rather


grey field to the start of the day across Northern Ireland, South West


Scotland. Some early brightness across central Scotland with a


scattering of showers to the north. A wet start across north-west


England, patchy rain through Yorkshire, but here we have got


cloud. A grey day across much of Wales and south-west England with


patchy and light rain. Early brightness for East Anglia and the


south-east will not last too long, because we will see the cloud


increasing through the day. A lot of that cloud and rain is sinking


southwards through the day, we will start to see things brightening up


through Northern Ireland, having a better afternoon, brighter skies


across parts of Scotland. Still a few showers towards the south-west


corner, where temperatures may reach 16 or 17 degrees. For many,


East Anglia and the south-east, feeling very cool indeed. Those


showers clear away through Wednesday night into Thursday, so


for many it is going to be dry with broken cloud. If anything, tomorrow


night will be even colder. Towns and cities widely eight degrees,


but in the countryside we are even lower than that, down to two


Celsius. A chilly start on Thursday morning, but for a lot of England


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