10/09/2012 BBC Weather


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Thankfully it did not rain on the parade in London, but we did have


cloudy skies. We nearly got to 24 degrees in Kent, but a band of rain


further north and west is a cold front, and behind that in Stornoway


temperature struggled at just 13 degrees. Through the night tonight


Cole there will sing south across the whole country, and for tomorrow


a much fresher feel to things. -- cold air. A mixture of sunshine and


a few showers around. We have got showers through the night to night


out towards the north and west, the main band of rain is moving across


England and Wales, and by dawn it is sitting to the south-east corner.


Temperatures around 14-15 degrees, cooler for Scotland and Northern


Ireland, temperatures dipping into single figures. As we start


tomorrow morning, 8 o'clock across the south-west, a bit of sunshine


to begin the day, maybe one or two light and well scattered showers,


and much of South Wales should be dry. More showers across North


Wales, a cluster of downpours for north-west England and the Irish


Sea. Not too many showers for Northern Ireland, a bit of sunshine.


Some cloud through north-western parts of Scotland, where we have


that blustery north-westerly breeze, but through Aberdeenshire and the


Lothians and borders, mainly dry and bright. Showers across northern


England and parts of the North Midlands, and you can see the


remains of the overnight rain clearing away from the coast of


East Anglia. Once that has cleared away, things should brighten up to


the south-east corner. For Southern Counties, parts of South Wales, not


too many showers through the day. Most of them further north and east.


Temperatures across England and Wales, mid to high teens, 13-14


degrees for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wednesday's forecasts, the


weather front is moving back across the country, fairly weak,


introducing more cloud, patchy and showery outbreaks of rain. Drier


and brighter later in the day, but in Scotland the winds picking up.


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