07/09/2012 BBC Weather


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Hello again. It has certainly felt warmer out there today. For many of


us, this late summer warmth will continue into the weekend. Tonight,


we have clouds spilling in, particularly for Scotland, Northern


Ireland and North Wales. In the south-west of England it will be


chilly and there will be more fog here, possibly developing into


parts of Wales and the Midlands as well. The weekend looks like this.


The eastern side of the UK will be warmest and sunny throughout.


Further west there will be sunshine for a while. Then things go


downhill in the second half of the weekend. We have the fog clearing


quickly in the south, sunshine comes burning through. Sunshine in


the North. It is an improving story once again for Northern Ireland


like today. We should seek sunny spells and the afternoon and


temperatures reaching 20 Celsius. It could stay cloudy all day around


Argyll and Bute into the Highlands. Most of the rain is in the


Shetlands. Grampian has a lovely day. In the far north of England


the crowd eventually things. More sunshine in the south. After the


misty, foggy start in the Midlands, a lovely day here. The south-east


and East Anglia will be the warmest. Sunshine hazy around the southern


coastal counties. A warm day in the north -- South West. In Wales, the


centre and will develop quickly in the morning and it should be a


super day here. It stays fine into the evening as well. For the BBC


Proms in the park it starts chilly but it will be dry. The weather


will be changing on Sunday. High pressure which has kept it dry is


moving away. Pressure is falling. A few more isobars on the chart. It


means the winds are freshening. Sharia bursts of rain as well for


Northern Ireland and Scotland. Further east there is the risk of


showers. We hang on to the Centrum for longer in eastern areas which


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