25/09/2012 BBC Weather


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Hello, September is formally a gentle slide from summer into


Autumn. But the last few days extensive flooding, severe gales


bringing down trees in places. This was the picture in Edinburgh. We've


had a lot of disruption to transport all because we've been


visited bit most intense September storm since 1981. We've certainly


known about it. We still have amber weather warnings at the moment.


Through to midnight for the heavy rain. After that dropping to the


next level. Can you see things beginning to improve. Only slowly


because the amount of rain has been extraordinary. 123mm untilpm


theengs at raifpbz worth. That's to the east of the Pennines. Still


raining here at the moment. That rain ease as way overnight. There's


the threat of heavy rain across south-east of Scotland for a time.


That rain lingering across parts of North West England and pushing


across parts of southern England and Wales through the night as well.


Temperatures holding up around 10 to 12 degrees. Still potential for


further disruption due to that heavy rain and its aftereffects.


BBC local radio keeping you up to date with that. And the BBC website


a good source as well. What about the travelling tomorrow morning?


Across Scotland I don't think too many problems. One or two showers


left from the overnight rain across the south-east. Niefrld looking


largely dry and the sun's out -- Northern Ireland. The sun's out


across eastern England. There's wet weather through the Midlands


steching to London. There could be water on fast routes here. Heavy


showers across the south-west and Wales. Through the day, certainly a


lot better for most northern parts of the UK. A few showers here and


there across northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but


not amounting to a great deal. Further south, there could be sharp


showers across southern parts of England, South Wales, enough to


maybe cause localised problems. Temperatures about where they


should be for the latter part of September. As we go through


Wednesday night, into Thursday, finally we start to get rid of that


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