24/09/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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long? We're back tomorrow morning during Breakfast. Have a good night.


Hello. It's autumn from the look of it! The weather's been causing all


sorts of problems as you may have seen on the news, particularly the


heavy rain and some parts of North Wales and Northern Ireland and


northern England have already seen 60-70 milimetres in the space of 24


hours, that's getting on for a month's worth and more to come in


some of these areas tonight and tomorrow.


We have The Met Office severe weather warnings for that heavy


rain, amber warnings, one off the top level for that rain continuing


through tonight and into tomorrow. Further south, things have been


clearing up so not looking so bad here overnight but the rain coming


to a halt across northern areas and not just the rain, gales will be


battering the east coast of Scotland. Gusts of possibly 70mph.


Where the rain keeps we could see another 60 milimetres tonight and


into tomorrow. It's really going to take time to clear away. Further


south things looking quieter. Sharp showers hitting the south coast of


England. Clear skies inland. Temperatures across the UK between


8-11 Celsius. Not a cold night. Tomorrow morning, see what you can


expect on the journey to work. Better across the south. Still


showers hitting the south coast of England but not moving far inland.


Early sunshine from East Anglia down through to central and


southern England. Further north, you are into that heavy rain,


horrible conditions across north- Wales and much of northern England


and atrocious down the eastern side of Scotland with gales hitting the


coasts and heavy rain, as well. Strong winds across northern and


western Scotland and across Northern Ireland, but those winds


will start to push the rain away from Northern Ireland as we go


through the morning. Much of Scotland looking drier come the


afternoon. But notice the way the rain never clears from a good part


of northern England and extending down across Wales and the south-


west. Ahead of that brighter skies in the south-east but amongst the


rain 10-11 Celsius. That rain likely to cause further problems.


Radio a good source of disruption. And also the website.


Through Tuesday into Wednesday the low is beginning to ease away, so


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