18/10/2012 BBC Weather


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night. -- that is it for us. From Good evening. After a windy night


last night, tonight could not be quieter in comparison. After recent


showers, there is some moisture in the atmosphere. Conditions are


perfect for us to see some mist and fog are developing. Certainly, that


is said to be the case across northern England and the Midlands.


We already have font in the Welsh Marshes. -- fog. Further north,


more cloud and further rain tonight in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


We may see localised flooding as the rain falls on. It will be grey


and murky to start Friday here. In the south-west, the mist and fog


could linger in some areas. A similar story through Wales. Where


the mist and fog sticks, the temperatures will struggle to push


up. In western Wales, we will be picking up showers. Northern


Ireland is seeing rain, particularly in the north and east.


As the day goes on, drier conditions and bright skies. After


clear skies in the north of Scotland, a frosty start. To the


south, more cloud and outbreaks of rain. Foggy across parts of


northern England and the Midlands. Into the south-east and East Anglia,


we are battling with a weather front that we cannot quite nudge


off into the Continent. This will stick with us through Friday and


the weekend. As Friday goes on, more persistent rain pushing into


eastern England. Elsewhere, largely fine. Mist and fog Clearing. That


front will linger to the east as we head into the weekend. By Saturday,


it will push eastwards and we could end up with a dry day, essentially.


There will always be there for out of some rain nudging into the far


south. -- there will always be the threat. We are a little uncertain


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