19/10/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. The weekend is finally here and if you're after


some good weather, it's not looking too bad at all. Largely dry, I


think, across the UK this weekend and many of us will see autumn


sunshine. We do, though, had a thorn in our sides. The weather


front to the east of the UK will be tricky through this weekend. An


element of just how far it will get, and how much cloud and rain we will


have here. Rain in eastern England will clear overnight tonight and


then we are Look Now things turning misty and murky. Fog across


northern England, dense patches in the Welsh marches and parts of the


Midlands. The odd patch for Northern Ireland, as well. Scotland,


outbreaks of rain but most of it in Orkney and Shetland. Northern


England, a fine start to Saturday, although it could be misty and


foggy in the Vale of York. Some of it will stick around. Thick cloud


hanging back across the south-east of England. Stubborn patches of


mist and fog for the Midlands and the Welsh marches and the south-


west of England, as well. Some sunshine, too, but when the mist


and fog lingered, and it could linger until lunchtime,


temperatures will struggle so it could be cold in the morning.


Northern Ireland, a fine start with a few patches of mist and fog. For


Scotland, and much drier story on the whole, rain possible for Orkney


and Shetland but, to the north, more sunshine than we had seen in


recent days. 11 Celsius in Aberdeen on Saturday. Generally, dry story


across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Sunny spells for England


and Wales. Isolated showers possible in the West. This eastern


corner really is the difficult element in our outlook for the next


couple of days in terms of cloud. It looks overcast on Saturday after


being. In two Sunday, heavy rain for a while. It looks like it will


run further eastwards on Sunday. More moisture on Sunday. Mist and


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