30/10/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. All eyes today have been drawn to the devastation that


has been created by Hurricane Sandy and I can tell you that the weather


statistics make interesting reading. 243 mm of rain in Virginia, to put


that into some perspective, that is six months' worth of rain in the


London area. Substantial totals. We are expecting some rain through the


night tonight, and we are also expecting the went to strengthen.


We will also see that heavy rain to the north-west of the great land.


Fans of shower ahead of it. Across north-west England, the wind is


strengthening. -- bans of showers. There is a cloudy, windy night to


come for many. Not as cold as the night just past. We start off on a


grey, blustery not. That rain is already starting to push in. We


could see substantial totals of rainfall before the system clear as.


By the middle of the afternoon, a lighter breeze in Scotland. A cold


feel to the day and yes, we could see wintry showers. Temperatures


struggling in Northern Ireland with sunny spells and highs of eight


degrees. There is the rain, across north-west England and into Wales.


For the Midlands and the Pennines, a cloudy afternoon. Still


disappointing, we might see the best of the sunshine in the south-


east. Heavy rain by the middle of the afternoon. Accompanied by


squally gale-force gusts. So a pretty atmospheric Hallowe'en, it


has to be said. We will see that rain driving further south into


East -- into the east. It will clear further north and west and as


temperatures fall away, we could see some icy stretches. Starting


Thursday and with a weather front to clear away for the south-east.


An era of low pressure moving further south. Driving in the


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