08/11/2012 BBC Weather


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Hello, there. Changes on the way in the UK, and some big changes across


the Atlantic as well. This was the latest dorm that stupid you North


and that brought all the snow as well. -- storm that shook New York.


It is moving North into Canada and taking away all of this cold air,


is suddenly feed lifting temperatures dramatically, up to 17


degrees on Monday in New York. Back to the Atlantic to see our changes


and cooler air coming in behind this belt of cloud which brings a


change to wetter conditions tonight, a cross often and Northern Ireland,


and as the wind picks up, the rain in the West turns heavier. A little


rain trickling down into Cumbria later but for most of Wales, dry


with a lot of low cloud developing, a few short-lived mist and fog


patches but temperatures around seven or rate decrease. Tomorrow,


we follow the rain as it moves more slowly southwards, because the


driving wind across it, and after the rain, sunshine and showers. The


brain than the rise in the south- west of England late in the


afternoon. It looks like being a cloudy day for the most part and in


the afternoon, it turns wet in the Wales, especially the west. A poor


day for the North West of England, raining on and off for the day, and


a call Phil after the rain for Northern Ireland but not that many


showers. Most of them will be in Scotland in the north-west, heavy,


thunder, may be a bit of snow over the mountains but again, Collette


even with some sunshine. Not much sunshine in northern England but


not betray east of the Pennines and boast that they will be dry through


the Midlands, East Anglia and the South England, a few showers and a


lot of cloud. As we head into the weekend, it is the case of sunshine


and showers. Most of the showers will be on Saturday but it will


feel a bit colder as the weekend goes on. Low pressure in shaping


the weather and wrapped around it is this where the fund, which will


bring the rain tomorrow. -- this weather front. On Saturday, it is


going to take most of the day to clear away, so quite a poor day for


some areas, but elsewhere, we get the sunshine and there will be some


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