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it. I will be back with our weekend news just after midday tomorrow.


From all of us here, have a very Hello again. It did turn much more


unsettled today. As we head into the weekend it is a slowly


improving story. It may turn colder. We'll have showers on Saturday.


Sunday looks much drier and sunnier as well. Before then, we have got


some rain to get rid of. It is not moving quickly. This belt of cloud,


just cut the country in half today. It is that cloud that brought


heavier rain in Dumfries & Galloway. It is turning wetter in south Wales


and the south-west of England. This rain is going to edge eastwards.


Still some heavy bursts in there. It will turn misty and murky,


especially near that rain W the showers coming in quickly to the


west it will limit the temperature drop. There is the a risk of the


frost in the clearer skies. Into Saturday though, and the showers


are coming in quickly. Some sunshine for Wales. Beginning to


dry up and brighten newspaper the Midlands. We still have some rain


in the south-east of England and across East Anglia too.


A cold, but a bright start for north-east England, up into eastern


Scotland. For western Scotland, with the winds picking up, we will


see showers from the word go. Showers particularly in the morning


affecting Northern Ireland. In the morning for south-east England and


East Anglia we have more rain to come. It is not until the afternoon


that the rain starts to edge eastwards. We may get it


brightening up later, possibly. That could lead to one or two


showers. More sunshine elsewhere. Showers towards the west. Some


heavy, with hail and thunder. A colder feel, with temperatures


struggling to make double figures. During the evening and night,


temperatures will fall as the showers reduce. Those are the


temperatures in towns and cities. It will be colder in the


countryside on Saturday night, at least a widespread ground frost. It


all points to a chilly morning on Remembrance Sunday, but dry and


bright with some sunshine. There'll be a few showers knocking about


these western coasts in the morning. Even those will fade in the


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